Wednesday, 24 September 2008

She is a Princess!

God knew that this precious girl needed encouragement. It was about 9.15pm and she was waiting on her own for someone to pick her up (we later found out she'd been waiting for an hour and in the end she had to walk!)

We'd crossed the bridge and were waiting near the blue lights, when we saw that this girl had followed us. She was wearing all black and all of us felt someone should go and chat with her. I am so glad we did. It turned out that she'd recently recieved bad news. Her Aunty had died of cancer. When we told her that God had sent us to her to let her know that He cares for her, she seemed very grateful. We chat for a bit about what she thought about God and mentioned the Alpha Course our church is about to run. She seemed very interested and so we exchanged e-mail addresses (we're praying that she will attend the course!)

But this isn't the end of the story. As we were walking away from her back over the bridge, one of the guys on the team said he'd felt God speak to him about her as we were chatting. He'd felt like God had said she was in need of encouragement and that her boyfriend wasn't treating her very well. After a bit of persuasion, my friend made his way back over the bridge with his wife to share with this girl what he thought God had said.

As my friend shared with this girl, she confessed that her boyfriend did in fact beat her; she was really in need of encouragement! My friends were able to tell her about how God sees her. That she's worth so much more than that and doesn't deserve to be treated in this way. The girl was blown away commenting on 'how nice' we all were. God is so amazing!

Although we couldn't believe that someone could treat this precious girl in such a bad way, we were also hugely grateful that God had led us to her. His primary agenda during this treasure hunt was to communicate to this Princess that she is in fact royalty - that she's highly valued and loved by the King, and He used us to tell her. What a privilege!

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