Monday, 15 September 2008

Words of Knowledge (clues) seem to be Key

I offered to pray for a guy in town today who was on crutches. I wasn't on a treasure hunt, I didn't have a treasure map with any clues that led me to him, I just saw him coming out of the Post Office and felt brave enough to speak to him (thank you God). As it turns out he wasn't interested in being prayed for - he went on his way and I wandered off to continue my shopping.

I've been wondering recently what it must be like to have random people coming up to you in the street offering to pray for healing. How would I respond if I wasn't a Christian? Or even now as one? I think the concept that God wants to heal is way off people's radar. That's why the treasure map is such a good way in. If someone can see clues that describle them written down on a piece of paper by someone they've never met before they're loads more likely to stop and take notice.

Maybe what I needed to get to pray for the guy in town was a word of knowldege (a clue), something I couldn't have known about him that God told me on the spot. I want to get better at hearing God on the spot, at recognising His voice over and above all the other stuff going on in my head. My guess is that comes out of greater intimacy with Him - doesn't everything!

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Anonymous said...

Great blog wendy. If I'm ever short of stories for a preach I'll come here!