Monday, 22 September 2008

How People React?

I was hanging out with some good friends last night after church (while eating a very 'healthy' KFC for my dinner!!) and we were chatting about all the different reactions we've recieved from people as we've been looking for treasure. I thought it would be helpful to share some of them here so that those of you starting out on treasure hunting won't get discouraged when it happens to you....

Two of my friends remembered a time they approached a lady on crutches - obviously in pain - and when they asked if they could pray for her she told them in no uncertain terms where they could go! We've had people who are Christians refusing prayer stating that their own church is praying for them and they'd rather not get anyone else involved?! We've had people who back away the instant we mention that we're Christians and even yersterday when my friend approached someone who was on her map, the person actually ran away - now that's a first! (It turns out that the person ran away becasue they didn't speak English)

As we're looking to make Jesus famous on the streets of Bedford we're encountering a whole variety of different reactions; some really good and some more challenging. Being rejected isn't easy, but it's inevitable and the best way to respond when it happens is to go again. As you do you will find people who are totally up for chatting and letting you pray for them and, in my experience, that makes it all worth while. Happy Treasure Hunting!

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andym01480 said...

Chuffed you are blogging your street encounters - inspiring stuff. I'll get in touch soon to see if you guys can do some training with our lot!

I've just reviewed Kevin Dedmon's "The Ultimate Treasure Hunt" - thought you might be interested!