Monday, 29 September 2008

Healed in a Pub Garden

Milton Keynes Treasure Hunt Ctd...

One of the guys on my team had the clue fenced area. He didn't know if one existed in this complex because he is from Bedford, but the guy on our team from MK told us that there was a fenced off area around the pub just past the shops. So, off we went to the pub where we found the lovely little fenced off garden my friend had seen.

I love it when God makes it easy - there was only one lady sat in the pub garden with her 18 month old son (we later found out that her husband was inside the pub where he stayed for the entire time we were speaking to her - about 15mins in total). We decided she must be the treasure and so we went to chat to her.

So we explained what we were doing - that God had led us to her and could we check to see if any of our other clues made sense. She was a lovely lady and was so open to stuff. We went through the names first with no joy and then we went through the ailments. I got to left elbow to which she replied, 'I don't have trouble with my left elbow, but I do have tennis elbow in my right.' (That was good enough for me - we only see in part!) She went onto explain that she has to take pain killers most days and even then when she presses on her elbow in a certain place she feels discomfort. So we prayed for her, a very simple prayer and then we asked her if she could feel anything going on. She started to press her elbow to try and find the usual pain, but to her amazement it wasn't there anymore. God had healed her elbow (on the streets!!)

We found out as we continued to chat to her that this lady has done 2 alpha courses and sometimes goes to church. She also knows the wife of one of the NF church leaders in MK. God was so keen to communicate His love for this woman. Our prayer is that her life will now be different because of it.

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