Sunday, 28 September 2008

Chicken and Pet Shop!

Who'd have thought that the clues chicken and pet shop would lead to an encounter with a woman who really needed God to break into her life? God has got such an incredible sense of humour.

When my friend read out her clues, she laughed out loud when she got to chicken! What a random clue (just as well the map has an unusual column!) Where could she go to find this? I suggested going to stand by chickens in the supermarket, but as it happens God was going to reveal the treasure in a pet shop. Here's what happened...

My friend and her team went into the pet shop and immediately came across a rack full of squeaky plastic chickens (the kind I guess dogs play with - our Border Collie could have done with one of these!) They went to the rack, laughing about the fact that they had indeed found their chicken clue. Just then they heard a familiar squeaking noise from the next aisle. As they went to investigate, they found a lady at another rack of plastic chickens (these things are obviously very popular!) holding one in her hand and sqeezing it! BINGO!

The amazing thing is that this lady really needed prayer. Her Mum is sick and she is having problems with her job because she is having to stay at home to take care of her. My friend and her team were able to pray for this lady in the pet shop by the plastic chickens! Who'd have thought?!? There really is no clue too random!

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