Sunday, 28 September 2008


Maybe treasure hunting needs to come with a health warning?!? I've been in Milton Keynes for most of today. I'd been asked to go along to New Life Church - Milton Keynes West - to preach on the topic of healing and then do some treasure hunt training with some of the church peeps in the afternoon. A team of 5 of us went from the King's Arms; we split into teams of 3 (2 MK peeps and 1 from King's Arms in each), asked God for clues and then made our way to a local shopping complex to find treasure.

We had some incredible encounters (more blogs to follow on this) but one that particularly stands out involved a less then friendly Border Collie. One of the teams had the clue Border Collie. They found the dog and it turned out that the owners actually fulfilled more of their clues. As they stopped to chat to them, my friend who was leading the team decided she would say hello to the dog (as you would). Unfortunately the dog didn't like this and it suddenly, without warning, jumped up and bit her on the face!! It actually drew blood! I guess this brings a whole new perspective on the fact that sometimes clues jump out at you! Fortunately most of them don't bite!

You'll be pleased to know that my friend is fine and we've had a good old laugh about it since. The main lesson we've learnt? Keep your face away from any dogs that you come across on your treasure hunt! I'm glad you can learn from our mistakes!

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